Donate Orchid
is more than just a orchid donation. Our mission is to strive to support orchid flask production and conversation and also to promote orchids indonesia as well as throughout the World.

One Million Dollar for Orchid
One Million Dollar for Orchids is a project to give 200.000 orchid flask for free for every people who interested to orchids in indonesia.

Donate Orchid is donation project for orchids in indonesia.

Donate Orchid mission is to promote and support the passion for orchids in indonesia through orchid flask production and conversation.

-Increase satisfaction and participation for orchid in indonesia.
-Production, use and appreciation of orchids in indonesia.
-Support the preservation of orchid species by producing Orchid flask in indonesia.
-Extend Orchid hybridization in indonesia.

Your donation money will be used to produce or purchase orchid flask.

-Donate $5 for 1 Orchid Flask
-Donate $10 for 2 Orchid Flask
-Donate $50 for 10 Orchid Flask
-Donate $1 Million for 200.000 Orchid Flasks

Genus Type of Orchid Flask :
1) Dendrobium
2) Phalaenopsis
3) Cattleya
4) Vanda

1 Orchid flask is consist of about 25-30 seedlings

You can also donate for Cultivation Cost
from the orchids seed to the mature or growing up orchids

The orchid flask will be kept and will be grown up to mature and we will produce dan cultivate again and again. as many orchid flask you donate it will be good and better, and so it will increase the sum of population of orchids in indonesia.

orphans orphans
Orchid Flasks
Orchid Seedlings

Donate by Bank Transfer (International Wire Transfer)

If you would like to donate by bank transfer, please transfer your donation to the following Bank Account :

Bank account in Jakarta, Indonesia
Account holder: Aditya Sani Panata
Account number: 6790110801
Swift Code: CENAIDJA
Reference: ORCHID
(Important: please quote this reference while making your transfer)

Donate Orchid will not, under any circumstances, disclose information about the donors to the third party.


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